Email Marketing Solution

Email Marketing is an effective way to communicate with target audience. CF-Sol provides you complete solution and setup to help generate revenue and ad new customers through an inexpensive way to attract buyers.

Why choose Email Marketing

Personalized Messages/
  • Email is Targeted

Email Marketing makes it simple to customer your messages for each customer according to their behavior and needs. The audience receives only suited content based on status, location and environment.

Reduce Time
  • & Effort

No need to serve your valuable time in sending postal envelopes or in telesales script. Just send unique emails in real time with minimum effort

  • Frequent

Instead of sending a flyer once a month, you can send offers and product details once a week. The customers in return can communicate with you at any tone of the day.

Cost Effective/
  • Reduce Overhead Costs

No print cost, no postage fee, no advertising rates. With just one click you can send an email about products and services you offer