The Effective Seo Techniques and Strategies For 2019

The Effective Seo Techniques and Strategies For 2019

Seo latest 2019, what steps should you take to rank your website in 2019, I will describe in short for making
you understand according to how you rank your website in 2019
let me clear these techniques are not for 2019 this will remain
the important part of seo, but these techniques will be
The Seo trends in 2019

1.Rank Brain

rank brain
what is rank brain ? i know the question is coming in your mind,
according to moz rank brain
rank brain is basically it is an core algorithm of Google, showing the most relevant search result
according to user query. What Google really do ? Google calculates from the variety of data
they stored (index) and then show a useful and relevant search result. User experience is
the important ranking factor not this year in fact from the day Google launched it’s algorithm’s
for cleaning the search result.

2. Improve Bounce Rate

improve bounce rate

what is Bounce rate, bounce rate calculated how long the user spends time on your page
for example if a user visits your site and then immediately exit the page
then the bounce rate will 100% mean the user failed to find the content
they need or not achieve the goal after visiting the page, Now some marketer ignore
this main area they only want to see the pages with keywords at the top search engine
by creating backlinks, keywords stuffing and absolutely not this not a way,
Continuously getting 100% bounce rate or even from 70% to 55% its not a good bounce rate
what search engine will realize that the content of that web page or site
having irrelevant or useless content, the reason behind the user is not
spending much time.  Now you may have create thousands of backlinks per page
But your site will lose ranking in search engine

what is Good bounce rate ?

As i have told above that bounce rates are calculated how much time a user spends on a page or site
You have to reduce your bounce rate, the good bounce rate from to 17% to 55%
but recently seo expert reported, the website getting on the top 10 search result page
have at least 10% to 30% of bounce rate, minimum time spend 28 minutes. See how
hard this for spammers, this is the way google want to show exact information
explaining the content with depth.

3.Improve Your Organic CTR

Improve your organic click-through rate, the number of visitors who clicked
the link of your website, if you will improve ctr then believe you are going to be the
master of SEO this year. As you can check google is showing answer box, carousel gallery,
bullet list, Featured Snippet as you see the picture given below

carousel gallery

carousel gallery google

bullet list

server in linux

Answer Box

Question Answer featured snippet

Ways to improve your Organic CTR

Following are tips that will help you to improve your CTR

Research on the Long Tail Keywords

Optimizing the short tail keywords, it’s just like fighting with your competitor, struggle hard
to rank a keyword, and short tail keywords one or two words
which are used to only for research purpose but let tell you the benefits of long tails keywords,
mostly used for buying, generates leads,  marketing of your products and services
reviews of product and more
for example where to buy Casio watches, the best restaurant in new york, or online grammar tools

Long Tail keywords generate sales

create post with images
Picture are more attrective than content
and help to reduce the bounce rates
create inforgraphics, help to generate
High Quality Backlinks

Use Descriptive Url

implement long tail keywords in your url
as you know the length of your url, path and categories impact on search result
you to ad more keywords

Optimized your Title Well

Opimitzing your title have huge impact
of increasing Ctr
19 advance ways to improve your Organic Ctr
Locailize your content
The Best way to increase your Ctr, locailize your content
in your contury, state, city
For Example
your business in newyork , Customer searching for “air conditioner repair in newyork”
or air conditioner repeair Nyp
you have to optimize your content for the above keywords
for getting more CTR from Neywork
register your google business
by register your business on google

Listicle Work

Choose the article Title, Like check out the website like buzzfeed, Cracked

They have title like Top 9 places or Top 12 places
to visit,
Your Title Define how deeply you have explain your content
thats choose the right Title will improve your Ctr
Check out the Title on Social Media, how

Rank Content In The Featured Snippet

The best way to improve your CTR at the Highest Level is to Rank your content,
is to appearing your content on Featured Snippets the seo latest 2019.
let me clear you, that if you are not rank in top 10 then there is no
chance that you will rank your content in Featured Snippet
Snippet Bait
Create snippet bait upto 40 to 60 words
mostly Featured Snippets are shown in search
result but it does not matter if you rank 4 or 5 but your ranking
have to appear in top 10, many site have ranking 3 to 4 but they
Can earn rich feature snippet. Snippet Bait works as paragraph

Table Snippets
Create a table snippets to appear your table while
searching paticular keywords like “first watch price”

Write Content in Depth

When you talk the about the old age of
google came to your website and
check how many keywords appear in your
web page
heading tag
But Nowadays Google is much more smarter
focusing on the content, Google is improving its search result
and want to provide a correct search result for the entered
query, more 67% uses search engine google around the world
analytics report stated that 1.2 trillion
searches are made every day on google, that is the reason
google wants you to provide helpful and informative content for their users
so if you want win among your competitors, you should focus on
creating evergreen content in depth.

Add Lsi keywords to your Content

Lsi keywords stands for (latent semantic indexing)
when you finished your content do apply Lsi keywords
in your content

where to find lsi keywords?

There are several tools like Lsi Graph as you can see the image
below if your writing content on SEO then your LSI
keywords will the shown in the image below
lsi graph

Index your google mobile

Mobile indexing is another important ranking factor in Search Engine
more than 63% of google searches are on mobile

Optimized your content for mobile index first

mobile content optimization

  • make your content to be seen freely
    on desktop and mobile
  • make your website responsive design
  • improve your mobile page speed
  • Fix Page partially loaded error issue

Optimized For Voice Search

voice search optimization

The Current Trend and the Best Seo
more than 21% searches are made on mobile voice search
First of all you need to rank on top 3 on search result

Chances are higher your content may appear in Featured Snippet

and do includes question and answer in your content

Content and Links

if you content will not be amazed or deeply
defined then you may not got any links
and having no high-quality links will not rank you
Hihger in search result.

Improve your E-A-T

Google recently launched board core algorithm update, E A T stand for
(Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness)

The reputation of the creator and or the creator of the
main content matter’s alot for example if you hire a freelancer or article writer
for writing content on health treatment they can’t explain well or in depth
and may be provided infromation can be false, Now think if a patient
came across to your website and implementation.


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