Part 2 – Planning phase of Website Development Project

Part 2 – Planning phase of Website Development Project

Hello guys
This is Sulaiman Jawaid
In last post we talked about Basics of Website Development ( Click Here for Part One )
Now lets move forward and start creating out first website.
At this stage everyone of you who is getting along with this series I would suggest Choose a Topic for you so you practice all the things as we get along with this series according to real life project. It would be much better if you can catch a client for whom you would be developing a website so you could get some serious practice over getting a Website Project done while your learning, So by the end of this series you have a Complete Project ready.

Getting Started with a Website project.

When Starting with a website project the very first step is to figure out the boundary of project. the functionalities your website needs, the structure and the content breakdown. Dont worry it all the same you just need to Draw a basic structure and Start with figuring out the pages of your website.

Like for example

usually 99.99% websites out there uses these pages as they are the basic necessity. Some more could be :

– Pictures Gallery
– Latest news
– Announcements
– Products
– Services
– Testimonials
– Video Gallery
Etc Etc

Another Example of Website Hierarchy
Now you have Got the basic idea about website. You need to figure out if your website needs any Dynamic Features like
E-commerce Store if yes will it need to have online order system, Clients Registration, Orders management etc? write down everything you figure out at this stage

More over Figure out if the website need to have any kind of Blog if yes what kind of data would be there in blog, what would be categories etc. Try your expertise, think of Room For improvement, what more functionalities would facilitate the visitors/Users of website and note them down accordingly.

As I mentioned in the start, You should select a website project so in every stage of this series we would be working over it, So I myself select my personal website to work in this series. I would be practicing each n everything thing for the same website you may try for yours. If you feel like having any query hit me up with a PM on facebook or through my Email.

Gathering Information About my website

Ok now let me document the same information about my own website. As I see the project It seems I would need the following pages in my project

. Homepage
. Pictures Gallery
. Hobbies I have
. Blog
– – Technology
– – Security & Penetration Testing
– – Website Development
– – Latest NEWS & Happenings
– – – Website Development
– – – Software Development
– – – Mobile Apps Development
– – – Graphics Designing / Animation
. About Me
. Achievements
. Email Me

Good for now, I can add up things later if I feel, But for you I would suggest figure out everything in start when you are practicing once you get used too with the process you are good to go.

In My website Structure if you have noted I have figured out the Categories under the Blog Section and as there is a category of Tutorials again under that category I have put child categories of diferent topics on which I would be writing blogs.Anyways lets move towards the next part.


If we see basic website Structure it would be something like this header will contain some information in it as well as menu this is the thing we would need to have on every page, then it comes banner image or Slider now its upto us if we want it on everypage or just the homepage next is the content part it will be different from page to page of course as it will contain the content of that page, then comes sidebar, again it can be same for every page or different as well depends upon how we like it and then in last it comes Footer it would probably the same for every page.

Example fo a Structure

Greatest Disadvantage of Static Websites.

lets talk about this before I introduce the CMS part, the biggest disadvantage of Static website is developer has to do alot of repetitive stuff again and again. like Header is same in look for every page but it would need to be put manually in every page, same with footer and sidebar if we have the same footer and sidebar in each page, more than this just assume the last moment before launching you need a minor change in website like for example changing the contact number in header, now you have to change manually in every page, It sounds Ok if it is 3 to 5 or like 10 pages, what if you have like 20 – 25 pasges in your website
would you be going through each n every page changing the content ofcourse no. so there comes the CMS (Content management Systems)
Content Management System provide you with creating header one time which will be displayed in all the pages globally same with footer or sidebar (Though you can create more variations but at the moemtn as we are talking about beginners level I would mention just this, You will came across this again in future).

Static V/s Dynamic websites

Great Advantage of Using CMS Systems for Web.

It saves alot of development time, developer donot need to develop same stuff again and again and doesn’t need to do repetitive stuff. Another greatest advantage is reusability of resources, like for example If a developer is working with WordPress CMS system and he needs to extend the functionalities of website with Google Maps API for example, all what developer has to do is to goto wordpress repository and get the Plugin for wordpress as it is already developed by some other developer for wordpress so he needs to change it a bit with own needs just, while in customized development all things are need to be develop by their own.
Same for all other major functionalities like Creating Forms, interacting with Database, integrating Galleries and everything you can think of.. there are already thousands of resources available for WordPress CMS and the same way for other CMSs like Joomla, Magento or OS Commerce.

Functionalities of a CMS
Well I would wind Up this session for now as it is already been quite Long, onwards from next post i would be Posting in form of Video Tutorial, starting from installation and Setup of WordPress CMS, So i would recommend every participant write down your Project outline, from next post I will explain setting up WordPress on your Own hosting account or if you haven’t any yet I would explain how to get a Free Domain and Free Hosting for your learning, but its good only for your learning propose once you are doing real life project I would highly recommend you getting hosting from some good Hosting company.

This is it for now, See you Guys in Next post
Sulaiman Jawaid

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