how to recover from the google medic algorithm update If you have been Being Panalized

how to recover from the google medic algorithm update

how to recover from the google medic algorithm update If you have been Being Panalized

google launch its new broad core algorithm update, recently confirm and twitted about their new core algorithm which is also said it “global” updates mean every niche and every site can be impacted.

Knowing about this algorithm

Here is what we know after getting news about this broad core algorithm update, Google is now focusing on Health and Medical sites which are having spammy and low quality content. Recently Seo Experts Reported that more than  300 medical and health sites are directly impacted by this medic algorithm.
Google consider all of these site are YMYL “Your Money Your Life” means sites were offering reviews, affiliation,  advice These sites are dangers in front of google eyes, Impacting the Future health, happiness, financial stability, or safety of users Google Called This YMYL Following are the Some of the examples of YMYL

  • Financial information Pages

Those webpages that contain’s information or advice about Finances, Texas , investments, home purchasing, buying insurances, loan or paying for college etc.

  • Shopping or financial transaction pages

webpages that allow the user to make purchase, transferring the money (Online Store and Online Banking Pages) etc.

  • Medical information pages

webpages that contain’s information or advice about health specific diseases or mental health that could impact your health physical well being

  • Legal information pages

Pages that having legal information or advice such as divorce, child custody, becoming a Citizen  etc.

YMYL Pages Should Be High Quality Rating Standard Low-Quality YMYL  Pages could harm or potentially negative impact on user’s Health, happiness, finiacial stability.

No Quick Way To Fix Medic Update

Google previously state and twitted that there is no fix for the pages which are being affected , Performing Less and Seo’s Who lost their Ranking. But it does not mean you can’t continue your work, google just want your site performing well and having High-Quality Content for that you can be rewarded higher Ranking.

Steps how to recover from the google medic algorithm update?

After this algorithm updates not only health but other niche sites site as i said above been suffering from poor seo, lower ranking, sites should focus on Organic and High Quality Content. Following are the step that might help you recover from medic algorithm

1.Focus on (EAT) Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

  • Make sure that you article have authorized author (doctor or certified professional in their field )
  • includes author pages on your site detailing the author biography
  • if you have any kind of rewards or achievements must list on your site
  • Site should have “about us” page defining their organization services, policies, qualification, achievements
  • Aims to provide useful and Helpful Content for user Needs

2. Implementation of Technical Seo

Technical Seo have the huge impact on ranking weither the pagespeed

  • Making your website speed better Load Speed less than 3 second
  • your website should be mobile friendly
  • do fix the broken links
  • Use meta data and keyword rich
  • Create Proper site architecture and categorize
  • use internal links

3. Optimized The Pages

Things you should be careful while writing your pages content, Don’t write if you are not an expert in the relevant field for example if you are the professional physician and you are writing  about physician thats good but if you hire an marketing agency or any else content writer can not write at the level of physician, So your pages content should be written in professional.

  • remove the old pages getting less traffic
  • rewrite your content with high quality
  • Do not write the content of your pages
  • redo the pages with an expert
  • you indexed pages must have equine content
  • de-index irrelevant pages

4.Aligning Content Around Searcher Intent

Google is smarter when is comes to understand the goal of searcher, medic update my impacted
the sites searching of their product and services take directly to sales pages, google understand this strategy
more than 60% of purchasing decision are made before reaches a Sales Page. Medic update throw back this getting more informational pages Try to focus on building more quality and helpful content, videos etc.

5.Take Google Advice

Must follow the guidelines of google if the sites really follow the guidelines of google there will not a single site will be impacted by the any algorithm updates all the above points are already been Guided by google
however there are 160 pages of google guidance if you implement it, your site will safe and rank higvher in further.

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