Getting started with Website Development – Read This

Getting started with Website Development – Read This

Hi guys this is Sulaiman Jawaid, It has been long I wrote articles or tutorials. As we discussed in the group Computer tips and Tricks I decided to write again on a few topics.

In the previous discussion as we found most of the users interested in the topic of website development so I decided to write a couple of tutorials for that and specifically cover the CMS part, though as I have got much queries related to WordPress CMS so I would be focusing more on WordPress in future articles. If you want me to write on any particular topic leave your query in the group I will try to spare time writing about that as well.
So lets get to the topic when we talk about Website Development itself it is a quite elaborative topic depending on the nature on type of website it varies from nature of website to the functionalities. As we have quite a few beginners as well so I would try to start from the very basic so that everyone could follow things easily.

Under Standing the Basics of Website Development:

Whenever we talk about a website first thing hits the mind is Domain name, Hosting. Databases etc. Lets not make things Complicated I will explain the basic terminologies. If we talk about a Basic website one would need a Domain Name of website, Hosting Account to host the web and Developed Website.

What is Domain Name:

Domain Name is just the name of website, like or ,

If we consider example of the (CyberFreakSolutions) is the domain name while .com is the extension, there are various extensions available like .net, .org .pk etc.
Domain Names are purchased from Registries for the period multiple of years. From any international domain extension like .com/.net/.org minimum registration period is one year and maximum of 10 years. While wherever .PK extension registration is involved it is registered from Local PKNIC Register of Pakistan it has minimum registration of 2 years. Domain Pricing varies depending over the Extension mainly and domain name as well.

What is Website Hosting:

Hosting is nothing but just another computer system which stays online 24/7, Websites once developed are copied on hosting server and the particular domain name is parked to that hosting files so that whenever someone enters the domain in Browser is takes the users to those files hosted by website owner.
Mainly Web hostings are of two types Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. Difference is just the Operating system which is being run on the Hosting Server which can be easily understood by Name of types.
Generally Linux hosting is preferred by website owners for being cheaper in price and there nothing like licensing etc. where as Windows Hosting are slightly expensive than Linux Hosting.

Developed Website Files and Web Development languages:

Now this is the part which we would be more focused about in our future tutorials to develop a website. Websites could be explained as Static or Dynamic Websites. Static website is just the website which don’t have a Database, it can be simple made by HTML and CSS and can be deployed within minutes. While as Dynamic websites are the same static website which have database to fetch information from which extends the functionality of website to infinite possibilities. So the information present on website isn’t just stagnant content.

Usually small Businesses Need Static Boucher website to manage their online presence which can be designed and developed easily in (HTML/CSS Languages) where as for more functionalities like running a web based store/Shop or giving the costumers to have interaction with business online needs more than just a broacher website there comes the PHP/ASP (PHP Stands for Personal home page where as ASP Stands for Active ServerPages) and SQL Languages to handle the Database and interact. Now if you remember two types of Web servers Windows and linux based, If we are going to use Windows hosting in future we have to use ASP Language where as If you are gonna use PHP it is more likely to use PHP to interact with Linux Web Server.

If I explain the structure of why multiple languages are involved in website development it can be explained easily by every language has its own reason to be there every language has a particular functionality like HTML is just Hyper Text markup Language it is used to draw basic structure of website like how many pages would be involved in the website, what would be the Relation and links between pages, Creating Divisions in Web pages etc., While as CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is more focused on the Styling of web page each n every detail of design from color to background, size to position is defined in the CSS, JavaScript (Don’t resemble it with JAVA both are entirely different) is a scripting language to perform certain tasks on Client side, which means it do small tasks programmatically on client side when client opens the website and don’t consume server resource instead the Clients Computer Performs the task.

Now if the Database is needed in the website Two more languages PHP(or ASP) and SQL comes in. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the is the language used in any database we need it to design and handle the database where as PHP/ASP is the language which interacts from Web server, so any task which is supposed to be done on SERVER Side like for example Fetching data from Database or performing secure Tasks in which we don’t want the user to change the methods and procedures are defined and Programmed in PHP/ASP.

I will wrap up this article over here, may be until this it seems complicated to many of the beginners but don’t worry, the interesting part has yet to come. My next article would be about the CMS, what are content managements systems, explaining some of popular CMS and how they handle all the complexities on behalf of developers.


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