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April 2016

Direct Messaging Link for Facebook Pages – new Feature

A long waited Feature for Facebook Pages, now you don’t need to make custom link for Direct messaging to your facebook Pages.

Direct Messaging feature through Facebook messenger help Business Facebook pages in Couple of aspect, it will become relevantly easy for business owners to share the Direct Link with ther users to Inbox directly on the page.
It is expected in near feature is Facebook will allow the chat to be integrated with third party tools or business websites for easy communication for Business Owners

How to make Your Own Direct Messaging Link for Facebook Pages:<page username here>

Just replace the username of your page, or Numeric ID of the page if you haven’t created username already.

NOTE: You Can use our Facebook Page Monitor / Likes Checker to Identify username or Numeric Page ID of your page.


March 2016

Facebook Live broadcast is now available for Unverified Pages as well – Go Live

Go Live Feature is now available for unverified pages as well..
Facebook has rolled out Go LIVE feature for unverified pages too.
To start a live broadcast from your personal Timeline Follow the Steps in Picture:
Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 2.53.02 AM
The LIVE BROADCAST feature is much exciting for brands and Businesses for Social Media Management & Marketing, there are numerous ways Businesses could use it to communicate to the users through social Channel.
During your broadcast, you’ll see the number of live viewers, the names of friends who are watching and a real-time stream of comments. Your broadcast can be no longer than 30 minutes. When you end your broadcast, it’ll stay on your Timeline like any other video.

February 2016

Conspiracy War Between US Government and Apple, Won by John Mcafee Dubai- Tip to Stay Safe

Once upon a time Conspiracy War was Between US Government and Apple.
and “John Mcafee” won 😛
Don’t you see his claim actually bring him from no where to lime light.. a part of the outcome whether they would be able to crack it or not (what I highly feel they would fail to..) they used the actual opportunity and the morning desert safari mess as marketing stunt truly for themselves..
2nd most important fact is FBI actually cornered APPLE and cleverly make them spit out they can still unlock the phones, despite of what they claimed previously that Apple has no more ability to open the locked phones.
Well Played FBI more than that smartly played John Mcafee 😛
Tip : Simple way to Prevent all the possibilities id 11 character passcode, No Matter Apple or FBI, even if able to.. would use BRUTE FORCE method to hack into devices and 11 character Pass code means it will take 127 years for them to try all the possible combinations of Passcode.. CHeers
Regards : Sulaiman Jawaid
CF-SOL Enterprises.